Horses in the Entertainment Industry


While horses are commonly used for personal use as a hobby and are additionally in working environments they also play an important role in the entertainment industry. There have been a lot more regulations put in place to protect horses that are taking on the role of entertainment.

Movies and Film

There are a lot of movies that have been made that utilizes horses within them. When one thinks back to the famous movies of the cowboys and Indian days there were a multitude of horses used in the making of these type of films. They are still used today but the regulations that been set in place are much more stringent to ensure that no injury or any detriment to their health is taking place.


One very common attraction in the form of entertainment when it comes to horses are their use in rodeos.

One type of training that these horses go through is to be trained to buck. Horses that are going to be used for the rodeo where emphasis is going to be put on their ability to buck means looking for it those breeds that have more of a tendency to do so. There are some horses were this trait comes naturally to them.


When it comes to the horses that are being used in circuses the focus here is usually on the tricks and feats that they are able to perform. These are ones that will hold the audience attention. Dressage often makes up a part of the circus performances.

Equestrian events

The most favored equestrian events usually is dressage and events such as horse jumping. This is a big industry and one were many people have dedicated their entire lives to putting on the events. They spend a lot of money and time on their horses to be able to have them gain the success that makes them favorites on the equestrian circuits.


Horse racing events have been around for many years. This comes under the gaming industry and the most favored breed in general for this type of entertainment is the thoroughbreds. There is a ton of money it that is found in this segment of horses both in the purchases as well as the breeding and the racing itself.