All About Horses


There aren’t too many people that wouldn’t want to own a horse. They are truly a majestic animal and what not may be realized is that there are in excess of 300 different types of horse breeds throughout the world. Unfortunately those that do not have the land that is required to provide the proper environment for a horse do not get the opportunity to own one or more of these beautiful animals.

Horse Care

Many horse novices do not realize the responsibility that comes with horse ownership. While they can be self-sustaining in many ways such as being able to turn them out to pasture and letting them roam free to keep them in optimized health this type of activity also requires some additional care.


In some regions horses are able to stay out in pasture all year round where as in other areas they have to be housed from inclement weather. This means having a barn and a stall to keep them contained and well protected.

Feeding and Grooming

Feeding is also critically important as just pasture grass in most cases is not going to be enough. Often their diet is supplemented with quality hay and grains. In addition to this, they need medical inspection and care on location. When it comes to grooming they are known to shed their coats in the early spring and this creates additional work when it comes to brushing and keeping them looking beautiful. Their hooves need to be attended to on a regular basis to ensure that their gate is not being affected.

Horses are used in many different ways as they fit in to the recreational category as well as the work category. When purchasing a horse the purpose for doing so has to be clearly understood. If the horse is going to be used as a hobby for riding then it still has the same responsibilities that any other horse ownership has.

Also, the use of the horse is going to dictate which is going to be the best breed. Many find that in general the American Quarter horse is a great choice for the hobbyist. These horses are intelligent and can be relatively docile although they are known to have high spirits as well, and need the proper training especially if they are going to be used by children. They also fit well in to the entertainment field as often the Quarter horse is used for activities such as barrel racing.

There are many different ways that the horse can be used for entertainment as well as work, but the priority must be in ensuring that the horse is kept in prime health and has the proper living environment.