Horses are amazing for children with autism

Equine therapy is the name for when a horse is being used as a therapy tool. Equine therapy is mostly used for children who suffer from autism and have social anxiety.

The connection between humans and animals have always been strong and the use of animals for therapy is amazing.

Animals are such loving creatures and they don’t demand anything from us and they do really understand how we feel on the inside.

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The Equine therapy means that the child will be very close to the horse and will learn how to communicate well with some verbal cues from the therapy coach. Both horses and dogs are very common to use in therapy for those who suffer from social anxiety and/or autism. Since horses do communicate with their feelings and can sense if a human is feeling sad, happy, angry, scared, stressed or pretty much any other feelings just by feeling their presence.

Sadly the Equine therapy is very expensive, it will most likely cost about 5000 dollar annually to enter a child into a Equine therapy program. But this therapy is one of the therapies with the highest success rate when it comes to helping children improve their comfort with social interactions. For those families who can’t afford 5000 dollars annually for this kind of therapy there are some organisations who’s helping the ones in need. The chance of being the family who get’s the help might be slim but it wouldn’t hurt to sign up for it.

The Equine Therapy uses these five techniques mostly:
Cognitive Therapy
Practicing activities
Activity scheduling
Play Therapy
Story telling and talk therapy