Fun Horse Facts

The nobility of the animal that is the horse has been unmatched for millennia and it is easy to see why. Depending on which facts you believe, they have been man’s original best friend dating all the way back to 4000 B.C. Horses have accompanied human beings wherever they are asked, including the most treacherous of wilderness and even battlefields. Over all that time, the number of horse breeds has seen a steady increase and today, there are over 350 different breeds of horses. These breeds are then divided into four major groups. Light Horses have smaller bones and they weigh less than 600 kilograms. Heavy Horses are large and strong and could weigh up to 900 kilograms. Ponies are usually smaller and not bigger than 58 inches tall. Last but not least, are the Feral Horses, which are either wild or semi-wild, including horses like the Mustang.

First Time Horse Owners

People looking to buy a horse may wonder which breed is the best to start off their horse owning journey. Although you can’t say that one breed is better than another, there are some that could be more suitable. The Gaited Horses are usually favourites for new horse owners, as they are bred for good temperaments and hardiness. On top of finding the right breed, new horse owners should consider the cost involved. You will need all the equipment that is required to ride and take care of horses, including saddles and horse tack. You should also consider renting or building a stable to house equipment, as well as the horse itself. One extra factor to consider is security as thieves raid stables due to the price of this equipment. In a recent case in the Scottish Borders, riding gear valued at over £10,000 was stolen from stables in the area.

Horses For Sports

Flat racing and polo can be considered the most popular equestrian sports on the planet. The breed that has dominated this sport is the Thoroughbred horse. They are bred for their long and flat muscles, lean body and a deep chest. Thoroughbreds are also bred to be high spirited, which is why you will see them using all their strength to gallop to the finish line. If you are thinking of owning or riding a Thoroughbred, then the right equestrian equipment is also very important. The safety that your equipment provides could be the factor that saves your life. Heavy leather equipment such as saddles, may weigh the horse down in sports such as jumping, polo or horse racing, so it is important to source the right articles. Horse riders can find equestrian equipment at barnebys with ease, together with specialist auctions.