Dressing for Horse Riding

Appropriate dressing is key to your comfort and safety in the saddle. You will need boots, a hat or a helmet, tightly fitting pants, and a T-shirt or a hoodie, depending on the weather conditions. Gloves may also be necessary to protect your hands.


This is perhaps the most important equipment when it comes to horse riding, and you will not want to skimp on it. Yes, you may get a good used helmet in your local shop, but going for a brand new one is great. You may not see damage in a second-hand helmet. Helmets come in various different styles, including sporty sleek, Western, and English styles. Be sure to select one that is specifically designed for horse riding. A helmet designed for cycling, rock climbing, or skiing may not be suitable for horse riding, since it won’t provide the protection needed to prevent your head from injuries in case of falling.


After the helmet, boots are the most important inclusion in your riding gear. If you’re working on budget, you may want to go for short boots, but long boots tend to be the best choice, since they provide maximum protection and comfort. Typically, suitable boots for horse riding will be your shoe size, but comfort and suitability are key to selecting a suitable pair of boots for horse riding.


If you’re riding regularly, you may want to obtain inexpensive pants, and stretch tights may be a good fit. Riding tights may contain seat patches and leather knees, to provide firm grip. If you’re riding in the winter, you may need to wear fleece-made pants for warmth. However, you will find many riders in sweatpants or jeans. Avoid pants that form wrinkles or twists. Traditional riding pants like breeches and jodhpurs will be an ideal choice if you’re going to a horse show.


You probably have a sweatshirt or a T-shirt to wear for horse riding, unless you’re going to the show ring. Be sure to wear bright colours when you’re heading to the trail. This is important for visibility. You may also want to wear a vest when riding in cooler weather conditions. A vest will not restrict your arms and shoulders, making it easy to layer for warmth. If you’re riding in frigid temperature conditions, winter coats can be your best choice for comfortable riding. For a horse show, you can check what other riders are wearing and follow suit. You can also have custom-made show clothing.


Gloves are important as they prevent chafing or cold, and they can either be cotton-made or leather-made. Gloves designed for horse riding come in different sizes, including small, medium and large. You will want to choose your fit.